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"It's an investment in you and you HAVE to do it! It's money well spent. You will get it back ten times fold. If you just do it, it WILL work. It's really using food as medicine!
y husband just had his blood sugars done and they are down dramatically, his blood pressure is good, and he's down about 14 pounds" -Malinda K

"At the time I joined Homemade I was heavily overweight and often fatigued. After 6 months I lost almost 60 pounds combining Homemade principles and good gym exercise. I feel great and my blood tests have never been more perfect." -Angelo D

"I would say GO FOR IT! I used to cook virtually zero of my meals - maybe once a month. Now I'm cooking 11 out of 14 meals per week.  I think I lost about 40 pounds. I used to be hungry all the time. Now I feel a lot more satisfied and I'm not always focused on food. I  feel like I'm setting up habits that are easy to maintain for a lifetime" -Courtlyn S

"It's completely worth every penny and the time you put into it, so I would highly recommend it. Very liberating. I joined because it was time to take control back. I've had a lot less pain than I'm used to, taken a lot less medications, and my blood pressure had dropped pretty significantly - to very normal ranges. I'm doing really great now, so I was thrilled with the results I got." -Cyndee W

"There is no way not to be engaged in this Program! It's so non judgmental, so empowering, it's a breath of fresh air. Considering what you get out of it, the cost is so unbelievably reasonable. The support, the videos, the recipes, the philosophy, are so worth it. I used to be a major recipe follower. Now I can cook using ingredients I have at home - I mean I'm really cooking!! My husband is the HAPPIEST guy in the world with the Program - he's been literally clapping! He loves it!" -Jen W

"The effort & time is really minimal. It doesn't get easier than this. The price was very reasonable for 12 weeks. And the long term benefits are just amazing! It's completely worth it!" -Dan Z

"It doesn't get easier than this" - Dan Z.

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"If you just do it, it WILL work." - Malinda K.

Lives Transformed all across the United States!

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“Our results with Homemade: Simon lost 50 pounds, rarely has back pain, needs no medications for cholesterol, and stopped snoring completely. Our son, John lost 15 pounds, and I lost 15 pounds”. -Nina H

“My a1c blood sugars test dropped to where I am slowly getting to the 6 or below goal. My cholesterol numbers have dropped in the past 6 months because I have continued eating similarly to the class. My blood pressure is also down and I've dropped 11 lbs." -Juan M 

“With Homemade I don't feel as stressed about what I'm eating. I cook it, I enjoy it and I move on. No calorie counting, journals, confessions, or guilt. My husband and I lost a combined 52 lbs." -Wendy F, Chief Nursing Officer

“Homemade Cooking is changing the way my whole family eats. Before taking this program I felt like I did not have the time or the ability to create tasty, nutritious meals for my family. I now have skills that make it possible.” -Julie C

“Homemade isn't a quick weight loss program -- it's a change in your way of life and about developing a healthy attitude towards food. I have lost (and maintained) over 40 pounds and I feel so much better”. -Stacie S

“My husband and I are literally saving over $1,500 per month on eating out! This isn't something that you pay for and then you're done in 12 Weeks. It's worth every penny because the payoff is a lifetime. It's been life-changing. Definitely life-changing”. Natalie J

“During my Homemade program, my cholesterol went from 123 to 107 and I am expecting it to continue to drop. My blood pressure went from 180/120 to 160/100, and my weight went from 228 to 215lbs." -Andrew P

“I have diabetes and to watch my blood sugars trend when eating what I learned to cook with Homemade is amazing! I mean my insulin requirements significantly drop for the day.”
Natalie C

“At the time I joined Homemade I was heavily overweight and often fatigued. After 6 months I lost almost 60 pounds combining Homemade principles and good gym exercise. I feel great and my blood tests have never been more perfect."
Angelo D

“Homemade is enabling people to make healthier choices. What Homemade has created is inspiring.” -Professor Gardner, School of Medicine & Preventative Health.

“We are promoting this program to our patients in Primary Care.” -Dr. Chang, Assistant Dean for Clinical Affairs

Dr Chloe has a combined MD / MBA from Stanford University, with a Scholarly Concentration on Community Health.  In 2009, Chloe was President of the Stanford Medical Students Association.  Her speaking engagements have included National Kidney Foundation, Hewlett Packard, City of Menlo Park, BeWell & HIP at Stanford University, Washington Hospital, Food Summit 2013, Davita & many others. Chloe is a Member of the American College of Preventative Medicine, Lifestyle Medicine, Public Health, Nutrition & Diabetes Associations.

Anna has Masters Degrees from Stanford & UC Berkeley. Anna is a Fulbright Scholar, was the Australian Young Lawyer of the Year in 2008 and competed in National Ice Skating Championships for 4 years. Anna is a health coach, an author and a cooking instructor. She Founded the Homemade Method™, and has led workshops for Google Employees, Stanford Hospital & University Employees. Anna presented at the Food Summit in 2013, the [email protected] Conference in 2014 and the Berkeley Food Innovation Lab.    

Created by Stanford Founders and a team of Nutritionists & Holistic Chefs.